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Wednesday, 19 September 2018 13:14


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createskills logoEKFE Khanion (L.C.P.S. at Chania), in collaboration with C.D.P.E., is participating in ERASMUS+ project, "CREATEskills - Social Learning for STEM in Primary Education". Supporting the innovating and inquiry learning as a creative method of our young student's teaching, based on "Social Learning Theory", we are going after a better understanding and dissemination of Science. 


CreateSkills Platform

Toolkit - Activities Repository

CreateSkills StemToolkit

Project's main page : CS program afisa

CDPE's page for the project, at facebook : STEaM CDPE Community - CS project

Links - partners:

Chania Directorate of Primary Education


Mentortec, Portugal

Univercity of Murcia, Spain

Loureiro, Portugal


Meetings at EKFE Khanion

1st Meeting with Primary Education Teachers, dissemination of the CreateSkills Program, discussion about STEM education (31/10/2018)

Invitation (greek)

presentation (greek)

2nd Meeting: Workshop about DIY Activities &  In School Activities. Discussion about the template of the CS activities.

3d Meeting: Workshop about using a lego mobile ans about creating a labyrinth as a school activitie. (With I.Nikita & C.Μanolakis, primary school teachers)

Images & moments



Our Calender

Main Plan

EKFE Khanion's Participation in CS Activities

Meeting at University of Murcia (Spain)


Informative meeting with Primary School Educators, at EKFE Khanion (31/10/2018)

The presentation  of the meeting (Greek)

STEM School Group meeting  (EKFE Khanion,  22/11/2018)

Program of the meeting

4th (Final) Meeting at Vilnius: Agenda


Presentations (en):

CDPE’s Brief Introduction (CDPE)

CDPE Monitoring and Evaluation (CDPE)

CDPE Dissemination strategies (CDPE)

Stem_at_PE (LCPS)

Moments of ... creatingskills



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